Best Nude Purses (Designer) For All Seasons 2024

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Sara Sargon

A California-based handbag expert and journalist with nine years in luxury fashion. Her contributions include Vogue, InStyle, & Nylon.

nude bag valentino

Best Nude Purses Designer to Wear and Buy

There’s no denying that nude designer bags are essential for your spring and summer ensembles this year, as no outfit is complete without a statement bag to polish off the look. The nice thing about a chic nude bag isn’t only can it go with other nude fashion items, but it can also brighten any black, navy, or darker tone.

Think about it – from crisp beige to camel and cream to caramel, nude handbags simply radiate modern sophistication.

That said, to prepare for spring/summer, we’ve selected our favorite best nude designer purses that are must-haves this upcoming season, as well as providing crucial care and styling tips for your neutral designer bags (see below for that)!

In addition to the designer handbags mentioned below, here are at least 16 designer nude bags you should check out or buy this year:

best nude purses chanel

UnClassic Flaps: Chanel Beige or Nude Bag

NOTHING beats a great vintage Chanel. We are kicking off this list with an untraditional list of Chanel nude flap bags… you won’t find a classic flap here. Because of the heritage of Chanel, you will always find something exciting in their long history of seasoned launches. See our favorite best nude purses from Chanel that will absolutely have you drooling!

prada beige bag with gold hardware

Prada Beige or Nude Bags

Prada is a designer fashion house that is constantly wowing us with their new-in pieces. From their classic Galleria bag to their newer re-edition in Nylon, we love all things Prada. Check out our favorite Prada beige bag above.

chevron printed nude bag

YSL Saint Laurent Bag in Beige or Nude

A Saint Laurent calfskin crossbody inspired by vintage camera bags features bold details such as matelassé chevrons, logo-monogram hardware, and a daring tassel at one side. This stunning YSL handbag, made in Italy, comes in two colors (nude/tan and Nero), and is approximately 8 ½ “W x 6 ¼ “H x 2 ½” D in size. Other notable features include a sizable convertible strap drop and interior wall pocket. See this bag and other YSL Beige Bag listed above.

best nude purses dior

Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag in Nude or Beige

An iconic beige handbag by Christian Dior is none other than the Lady Dior handbag. This bag is the single most classic bag by Christian Dior. From the top handles to the classic “DIOR” keychains, this bag will always be a talking piece. If you’re looking for a nude purse AND an investment piece, check out our picks for our fav Lady Dior bags available now. 

louis vuitton beige bag gold hardware

Louis Vuitton Bags in Nude or Beige

Aside from the ever-popular Louis Vuitton monogram, LV lovers go gaga over their leather bangs too. Owning a Lous Vuitton handbag means you’ll forever have a bag that will surely holds its value. We’ve compiled a Louis Vuitton Beige Bag list- listed below. Check out our favorite leathers, trims, shapes and sizes below.

fendi baguetta

Fendi Baguette Beige FF Canvas Bag in Nude or Beige

An iconic beige canvas Fendi Baguette handbag, made in Italy, embossed with Fendi’s signature FF motif, embroidery, dark brown calfskin trimming, and an FF clasp. This 10.6″ W x 5.9’’H x 2.4″ D gem features a front flap, magnetic clasp, internal compartment with zipper pocket, and gold-finish metalware. Additional bag highlights: the Baguette can be carried by hand, worn on the shoulder or as a crossbody, has a detachable handle, and comes with a detachable chain strap.

mini antigona givenchy

Givenchy Bags in Beige or Nude

A fan-favorite satchel is the Givenchy Antigona which is crafted from richly textured sugar leather offers a truly timeless design/style with multiple carrying options. This designer satchel is imported from Italy and has protective calfskin feet, interior zip, wall pockets, zip closure with top carry handles and a removable/adjustable strap. See our fav beige Givenchy bags below.

valentino rock stud nude fabric

Valentino Garavani Roman Stud Shoulder Bag in Nude or Beige

A Valentino diamond-quilting shoulder bag made in Italy with signature brass studs, an eye-catching structured look, and your choice of top-handle. This timeless lined cotton/linen bag is 11″W x 8″H x 4″D in size and is available for $3,250.00. Other features include a turn-lock closure, an interior zip, and a wall pocket.

Best Nude Purses dior saddle bag in nude in tan in beige

Dior Saddle Bag In Beige and Nude Variations

A classic Dior saddle shape that has been reissued with a more solid structure. We LOVE the saddle bag because the shape is so unique to this bag. The vintage versions of this bag can still be found in amazing conditions.

pouch nude bottea

Bottega Veneta Shoulder Pouch in Nude or Beige

A soft, voluminous bag made from calfskin reflects its heritage with a modern street-style attitude. This high-end pouch is 15.7″ W X 12.5″ H X 8.6″ D in size and has a single compartment lined in supple calfskin.

chloe satchel nudel crossbody

Chloe Mini Marcie Leather Bag in Nude or Beige

A beautifully crafted grained leather crossbody with a saddle-shaped flap and great detailing ornaments for a great price. This chic purse is made in Spain, has a front flap closure, an adjustable chain, an exterior slip pocket beneath flap, an interior wall pocket, and is 6 ½ “W x 6 “H x 4” D in size.

Brands of Handbags That Are Popular in 2024

Before getting into the best of the best, let’s discuss the “It Brand” of 2024. Of course, brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Bottega Veneta, Prada, and Chloe will always be among everyone’s favorites. But then, as a connoisseur of luxury goods, you’re likely aware that spring collections are designed with the current state of affairs in mind, which, at the moment, is a return to understated luxury/style.

What does all of this mean? Well, it means there’s one brand, particularly that’s the right size and shape that everyone will love this year, and that’s simply Chanel. Chanel’s iconic design and attention to detail make all their handbags worthy investments and authentic statement pieces that surpass all trends or never go out of style.

Best Nude Purses for Spring 2024

As a result, it’s not too shocking that some of the best nude handbags to shop for this spring include Chanel’s Classic Double Flap Beige Lambskin, Diamond Quilt Nude Flap, Classic Metallic Lambskin, and Black Metal Bags.

That said, in addition to these coveted Chanel bags, other designer nudes to keep an eye out for are the Gucci Small Nude Disco Bag, the Bottega Veneta Gathered Nude Pouch, the Fendi Nude Purse with Calligraphy Detail, the Stella McCartney Vegan Nude Bag with Logo Strap, and the Prada Nude Hobo Bag, to name a few. The list of best nude purses goes on and on but it’s best to find and buy bags you love and might just be an investment piece for the future as well. 

How to Protect Your Designer Nude Purse

To keep your nude leather handbags looking their best for a long time (and as they age), it’s crucial to take care of them. Moreover, if you have plans to sell any of these nude classics down the road, then taking good care of your bag is necessary.

Obviously, if you’re looking to recoup your investment or would like to make a profit, then you need to do all you can to keep your designer nude purse(s) in great condition. How can you keep your designer items in the best condition? Well, you can start by properly protecting your nude bags with the following tips:

  • Keep your nude bag in a clean place
  • Store when not in use in a dust bag
  • Stuff structured bags with paper/fabric, so it keeps its original shape
  • Properly clean your nude bags
  • Condition leather regularly to prevent cracks and scratches


How to Clean Nude Bags (and keep them clean)

When you wear your designer nude-colored bags, it’s crucial to keep them clean (click here to see how to keep your bags clean) from light dust and minor debris. Make sure that you wipe your nude bags off daily with a very lightly damp microfiber cloth. Once you’ve gently cleaned the said handbag, make sure to dry it, especially before storing the bag.

If, on the other hand, your nude bag requires a deep-clean to remove build-up or stains, then it’s recommended that you dilute a bit of soap or colorless dish detergent in warm water and use a microfiber cloth. Sending your best nude purses to a trusted leather surgeon is a great way of brining tired leather back to a supple look. 

You can also use any dedicated leather cleaner and conditioner you’d find online or in a retail shop, instead of mild soap/detergent. Nevertheless, you can use the microfiber cloth to wipe down the bag, rinse off the mild soap, and repeat for more intense cleaning. After cleaning, make sure to remove any soap residue before drying your nude bag with a dry cloth to avoid damage.

Note that for stains that require professional cleaning, do yourself a favor and leave it to an expert handbag cleaning or leather care shop.

Best Nude Purses – Designer Bag Styling Suggestions

As briefly mentioned, nude bags tend to go with just about everything. However, that doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind. Instead, like most new lightly colored or off-white accessories, you’ll probably need to play around a bit with your overall ensemble to achieve that elegant yet trendy, well-polished look.

Thus, here are several styling fashion ideas to showcase the above-mentioned nude bags.

One styling suggestion for these 16+ designer bags that’s simple, yet so chic, is to pair your nude bag with light-color denim jeans and a simple white or neutral color shirt. This particular pairing will highlight your chosen nude bag and make it stand out a little more.

Alternatively, if you like all things pastel, adding a nude purse to your favorite pastel shades (baby blue, lavender, mint, or pale pink) will take the entire look to the next level. In fact, light colors and the nude bag usually work well together, and provide just the right color distinction that’s both flattering and stunning.

Nude leather bags also pair well with other tan or fashion items like camel trench coats, cute designer belts, and more. In general, a nude designer purse can easily light up or perfectly contrast a darker tone outfit, especially when you tie the entire look together with another nude item like nude shoes or boots.


These are just a few luxury brand nude purses that are must-haves this spring and summer. Ultimately, these are the best nude purses on the resale market now. Hopefully we’ve helped you pick a style you love and informed you on how to properly protect, clean, and store your high-end bags and accessories.

Photos courtesy of official websites of bagover, fashionphile.

Picture of Sara Sargon

Sara Sargon

A California-based handbag expert and journalist with nine years in luxury fashion. Her contributions include Vogue, InStyle, & Nylon.

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