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Hermes is a French luxury fashion and leather goods company founded in 1837 by two Genevans, Louis-François Marcotte and Thierry Hermes.

The company was passed down through generations until Jean-Louis Dumas took it over in 1984. Its flagship store is on the Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré in Paris and has a staff of 40 people. 

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Hermès Himalayan crocodile Birkin bag

The Birkin Bag

The company is best known for its women's leather designer Birkin bag, which Jane Birkin designed in the 1980s. Birkin bags are so highly coveted they are often sold out months before they are released.

The brand is so exclusive the prices are not even listed online for security reasons. In addition to silk, handbags, shoes and ready-to-wear clothing, this iconic company also sells authentic fragrances, gold watches, jewelry, household items and pet accessories.

In more recent years, items from timepieces to golf balls have been created under Hermès.

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