Hermes Garden Party Review: Pros and Cons List (Updated)

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hermes garden party
Hermes Garden Party Tote

Handbag Score: 7/10

The Hermes Garden Party Tote offers a blend of luxury, style, and practicality, but it comes with a relatively high price tag and some limitations in terms of color options, structure, and closure.

However, it remains a coveted and timeless accessory for those who want to own a piece of the Hermes brand.



Hermes Garden Party Pros and Cons List (Updated)

Another day, another reason to talk about Hermès. One of the most luxurious brands by far, Hermès is known for its understated design, excellent quality, enduring style, and sometimes, unfortunately, for its incredible prices.

Beauty almost always comes with a price tag to match. But when it comes to luxury, who doesn’t want the best of the best? A tote bag worth the hype is the Hermès Garden Party tote. Not only is it affordable compared to the rest of the Hermès line, but it has also become an iconic bag in its own right.

Usually made of canvas material for durability and space and to keep the bags lightweight for everyday dress, the Hermes garden party is a bag you can wear anywhere.

Hermes Garden Party History

The Hermes garden party was introduced to consumers in 1964. Bag lovers quickly became obsessed with the tote for its leather trim, clou de selle snap fasteners which can enhance the bag’s size, the option for a full leather, and the ability to put your own spin on the tote with various Hermès accessories. It’s no wonder the Hermes garden party is still popular.

Hermes Garden Party Pros & Cons List:



      • Buying into the Hermes fashion house

      • Stylish and classic since 1964

      • Can be bought in canvas or leather

      • Multiple size options 

      • Not a quoata bag

      • Brand prestige: Owning an Hermes bag is a symbol of luxury and exclusivity



        • More expensive than some other tote bags

        • Many not have the color variation you desire

        • Not completely structured 

        • No crossbody strap

        • Lack of zip closure

      Is Hermes Garden Party discontinued?

      The short answer is: no. The Hermes Garden Party is so popular that the brand has expanded its versatility. The Garden Party tote usually has a canvas body, but Hermes also makes the tote bag with two different types of canvas styles with leather trim in three sizes and three different types of leather.

      And that’s not to mention other special edition versions of the canvas garden party, including hand-painted versions. From our perspective, there is no way these bags will be discontinued soon. The bag’s practicality, affordability (in Hermès terms), versatility, and popularity make it one of the best tote bags on the market.

      hermes garden party in black with leather

      Is the Hermes garden party a quota bag?

      One thing insiders know about Hermès handbags is that they might be one day invited by the brand to purchase what is called a “quota bag.” Quota bags are usually expensive, so think Kelly, Birkin, or Constance, and even rare ones at that.

      For some, it’s their chance to get coveted bags in the privacy of an Hermès VIP room, which they can only purchase twice a year. The idea is that the Hermès brand wants to see you carrying the bag you choose, and they want to see you photographed in it.

      The Hermes garden party tote is technically seen as a “starter bag” at Hermès. Because it doesn’t have the reputation or the price point of the Birkin or Kelly, it isn’t technically a quota bag. Another great option for a handbag that is not a quota bag is the Hermes Picotin.

      What are the most popular Hermès bags?

      Other Hermes handbags you might have heard of include the most popular bags Hermès produces and their trifecta: the Birkin, the Kelly, and the Constance. While these bags might run you a second mortgage, the garden party is a little more attainable. This only incentivizes those who want to purchase Hermès handbags but don’t know where to start.

      Is the garden party tote worth it?

      For the price point, the Hermès garden party is excellent. At the same time, the bag isn’t cheap but more attainable than other Hermes handbags. It’s also made by one artisan, meaning the bag was made with detail and immense care. Your garden party tote is one of a kind. It will also help get you closer to reaching your quota bag, as per the Hermes game. 

      No matter your style, though, the simplicity of the hermès garden party means it will indeed go with almost anything you’re wearing. Because it also comes in three different sizes, you can get the garden party that fits your carrying needs.

      hermes garden party bag tote in tan caramel and leather

      What are the prices of a Hermès garden party tote?

      This bag, as we’ve said, is not cheap. But it is a segue into being a Hermès aficionado. Because the garden party comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large, and for the most part, two different styles (made of canvas with signature leather handles or full leather), the prices of the garden party tote reflect those differences.

      The small version, called the Hermès garden party TPM tote 30, is priced at $2,075 for the canvas styles and $3,600 for the leather styles. The medium, which is the most popular garden party, named garden party 36, in canvas, is priced at $2,350, while the leather version is $3,750. Finally, the large garden party tote 39, which is the least popular but can hold most of your essentials, is $2,960 when purchased in canvas, while leather styles are higher in price.

      Hermès Garden Party bag Sizes & Materials

      The Hermes garden party’s three sizes make it easy to choose which works best for your collection: 30, 36, or 39. See the best Hermès bag collection here for more insights on other bag variations. If you go for the iconic canvas version, they all are designed with contrasting leather handles and leather trim. The canvas version has one interior canvas pocket, while the leather version has one zipped pocket inside.

      Hermes Garden Party Materials

      If you find that you’d prefer a leather garden party, there are three types of leather that you can choose from. Negonda leather, or negonda calfskin leather, is the most commonly used leather and has a matte finish. Bonus: it’s also water-resistant!

      You can also get your garden party in Epsom leather, scratch-resistant leather. If you don’t want Negonda leather or Epsom leather, there is also the option for country cowhide.

      Does the Hermès garden party tote bag have notable features?

      Notable features of the canvas garden party include its stunning lightweight and casual appearance, which can go with anything, and the option (whether you’re buying canvas or leather) for adding twillies or Hermès accessories. You can dress this tote up or down according to your preference.

      Where Can I get a vintage garden party tote?

      How can you make your Hermès last forever? Luckily, luxury resellers can get you a coveted garden party tote in very good condition. Because the garden party tote is made due to impeccable craftsmanship and because they generally hold up well if not too regularly carried, snagging a vintage garden party tote is not as hard as you think it might be.

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      Picture of Sara Sargon

      Sara Sargon

      A California-based handbag expert and journalist with nine years in luxury fashion. Her contributions include Vogue, InStyle, & Nylon.

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