Hermes Herbag Guide: History, Prices, Features… Worth it?

hermes herbag caramel tan brown leather

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Hermes Herbag Guide

Hermes has long been associated with classic luxury handbags, the most sought-after being the Hermès Birkin and the Hermès Kelly, but they come with a very hefty price. However, the Hermes handbag collection includes several different types that have been quite popular in recent years.

The Hermes Herbag, for example, has recently gained popularity because of its similarity to the Hermes Kelly and the fact that it is considerably more affordable. If you have been eyeing the Hermès bags collection, but the prices have always scared you, you can check out the Hermes Herbag.

A Brief History of the Hermes Herbag

The Hermès Herbag, often known as the two bags in one, has existed for quite some time.

The original Herbag with an interchangeable body was discontinued in the 2000s. Hermes then redesigned the bag and reintroduced it as the new Herbag Zip, which was re-released in 2009.

The Hermes Herbag Zip, often known as the cousin of the prized Kelly bag, is presently in high demand. It has the shape of a Kelly, a single handle, a front flap closing, a clou de selle closure and keys, and a strap.

However, the main body material and a zipped rear bag, and an attached tiny external pocket make it far more practical. The Herbag combines the elegance and grace of a Hermes Kelly bag with functionality and efficiency.

The Hermes Herbag Features and Design

The Herbag is usually known as the Hermes Kelly starter bag: it combines the distinctive Kelly trapezoid form with inexpensive canvas material. However, it still maintains the classic feel of any Hermes bag. It’s crowned and trimmed in tough Vache Hunter leather.

The Herbag’s body is made of Officier canvas, while the top flap is made of Vache Hunter. Officier canvas is a thin-threaded cotton canvas, and Hunter is a strong, tough cowhide. The Herbag’s top flap has a clou de selle closure with palladium-plated hardware and a rear external pocket for easy access.

The Herbag checks a lot of boxes for an everyday handbag: it’s lightweight, making it easy to carry; it comes with luxe accessories like a clochette, padlock, and inner pouch; it has a top handle and a long shoulder strap for versatility; and, surprisingly, you can detach the leather top and replace it with another.

The combination of the shoulder strap and the top handle lets you carry your Herbag in different ways. The purse may also be worn crossbody, depending on personal preference. Some may find the strap too short for this.

The Hermès Herbag is available in various sizes, colors, and styles, as well as a backpack. This variant of the bag is very identical to the shoulder bag. However, it has different handles. The canvas body of the Herbag Backpack can easily be switched, making it two bags in one.

hermes herbag white and tan leather
Featured image via Instagram by @vk_8112

The Hermès Herbag Variations

You will be spoilt for choice with the Herbag’s many designs, prints, and color combinations. By far, the most intriguing aspect is the canvas material. Compared to the full-leather Kelly bag, it’s lighter, more durable, and much more pocket-friendly.

The Herbag Zip is also water resistant thanks to the updated coated canvas. The canvas comes in a mix of colors that may be used to contrast with the leather upper flap or in monotones. It can be in toile, embroidered with a Pegasus, in the classic H monogram, or in a black and white checkered pattern. Buyers can also select between the Retourne and Sellier designs.

Because the stitch is visible on the inside, the Retourne style has a rounded edge, but the Sellier has an angular appearance with sharper edges and the thread visible on the outside. The Herbag’s pieces are mostly made of Vache Hunter leather, which contrasts nicely with the toile or canvas body.

If you are concerned about noticeable press marks and scratches on the smooth Vache Hunter leather, one option is to shop for a darker leather that is more forgiving.

Hermes Herbag Sizes

The Hermès Herbag is available in four sizes, 31cm, 39cm, 50 cm, and 52cm. This makes the Herbag Zip unisex, as men and women may take it to work, school, or events effortlessly. It’s subtle and functional.

Your phone, wallet, and keys may all fit in the rear pouch and be easily accessible, eliminating the need to open the sangles (the thin straps that fasten the bag once the flap is flipped over) and dig around every time you need to bring out your phone. This frees up the main compartment for documents or perhaps an iPad. Because the straps can be a touch awkward, especially when fresh and new, the inclusion of the back pouch was pure genius.

The slightly bigger 39cm Herbag is a handy and attractive all-day bag that can hold all your daily necessities.

If you’re looking for more travel-friendly sizes, you have two options. The Cabine bag is larger, making it a perfect carry-on for air travel (as the name implies), while the Weekend bag is broader, making it the best overnight bag. For those looking for a more casual Hermès bag, there is also a backpack version of the Herbag.

hermes herbag leather and tan brown
Featured image via Instagram by @vk_8112

Hermès Herbag Price

The Herbag Zip’s low price point makes it an excellent every day or entry-level bag. Herbag size 31 is the most popular, with prices ranging from $2575 approximately for a typical design.

The Hermes herbag is already reasonably priced at the retail store, but purchasing a used piece from a reseller might result in much greater savings.

Overall, the hermès Herbag Zip is ideal if you want a Hermes bag that will not break the bank while providing superb Hermes brand craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Size Dimension in inches (L x W x H) Price

Hermes Herbag Zip 31cm 12.2 X 9.8 X 3.9 $2,575

Hermès Herbag Zip 39cm 15.3 X 12.6 X 5.5 $2,800

Hermès Herbag Zip Retourne Cabine Bag 19.7 X 13.4 X 8.9 $3,725

Hermès Herbag Zip Retourne Weekend Bag 19.7 X 16.9 X 9.1 $3,950

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