Designer Tote Bag: 40+ Tote Bags Making a Huge Comeback

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The tote bag is no longer an item reserved for beachside picnics, travel, or poolside lounging. It’s a chic accessory that everyone — men and women alike — are carrying to the office, happy hour, a night out, and even still on vacation. But what exactly makes them so popular?

For The Bag Snob, the answer is simple; Designer Love

Tote bags are a portable form of marketing, which means that your favorite brand is with you wherever you go. They’re super versatile; they can double up as a beach tote when you go to the pool or even a backpack when you head to class. You can take your favorite tote to the gym, straight to the office, on a weekend trip, or to the grocery store. They’re our go-to choice when we’re in a rush to grab a quick lunch during our busy days. The best thing about being a designer bag snob? (a proud one I may add) You can visit your favorite stores, shop for the best deals, scour the retailers, and work hard to afford the designers you love to show off.

The Liberating Feeling of Lugging Your Whole Life with You

The soft comfort of a tote bag is a rare pleasure- not just for traveling. The sensation of giving your entire life to a single piece of fabric that a single finger can lift and hold it with you every day is exciting, liberating, and comfortable. Carrying your entire life in a chic shoulder tote that can stand on its own is incredibly freeing (a bag interior with so much room! Bye Bye mini bags). Whether you have a tote full of groceries or a tote full of essentials to take on an overnight travel trip, there is something special about not worrying about losing anything.

Totes Look Good, But They’re Pretty Practical Too

Tote bags are usually a feature that people don’t think about. But they’re pretty popular in the world of bags. And here’s why: They can carry anything and everything, whether it’s books, sunglasses, groceries, beach towels, a water bottle, and other accessories. Plus, they are so roomy! Whether you go shopping or exploring, you’ll always want a tote bag in your possession.

Totes Are Unisex Goods That Defy Traditional Gender Roles

One of the reasons that tote bags are so popular worldwide is that they are unisex bags. For many, traditional style dividers have been ignored as more and more women embrace toting around men’s goods. Zippered purses have slimmer profiles than traditional handbags and can often accommodate men’s work clothes. This makes tote purses a “win-win” on the market while providing consumers with the opportunity to express their fashion sense in general. The perfect example of a great unisex tote is the tote bag from YSL which features a little pouch and interior pockets for organization.

Both men and women can carry a tote bag or any tote in general with pockets. A bag that generally has a similar silhouette to all other tote bags has become incredibly universal. Not only can a tote bag be used for many different occasions, but it is also widely seen as a type of bag that all sexes can carry without so much as raising an eyebrow.

Check out our unisex tote bag picks from our favorite designers below.

Unisex Tote Bags We Love

Many Variations for Everyday Essentials

In terms of variety, a bag can come in many different shapes and sizes, meaning there is something for everyone’s tastes. There are so many options available, from small wristlet-sized to larger duffel bag-sized totes, including traditional rectangular shapes and more unusual shapes such as heart-shaped bags, any site on your laptop will show you that. It is a very casual accessory for people to carry around with them, usually in the form of a tote.

A tote has long been associated with the “weekend warrior for many people.” It can be used to carry sportswear, sports shoes, an umbrella, sports equipment, a laptop, straps, fruit, and groceries (super roomy). It’s also a must-have for any sportsman or sports enthusiast who may not have a preference for a brand, but any site can help narrow down the perfect fit for you. Straps make any tote an excellent everyday accessory; see our everyday type of totes below!

Everyday Bags We Love

Made From the Best Material

From leather to canvas, these can be made from various materials. The great thing about these materials is that they all have their unique look and feel. The materials that a tote bag is made out of can add or detract from its overall style.

For example, one advantage to canvas is that it is lightweight, affordable, and durable. This type is also scratch-resistant, which means the tote will look new even after extended use. These materials are also easy to clean, so it will be no problem to clean up if you spill something on your canvas tote bag. Check out below for our picks for the best canvas tote bags on the market now:

Best Canvas Tote Bags

Another popular material to wear for purses is leather. Leather purses are stylish and look more expensive than an average bag. The great thing about leather purses is that they do not lose their shape and are easy to spot clean if they get dirty. The downside to leather ones is that they are more expensive than other materials and are not as lightweight; however, they can last an extremely long time! See our faves listed below.

Best Leather Tote Bags

Tote Bags under $500 (price)

The secret to why they are popular is simple – they’re practical, functionality, cheap (depending on the designer), and easy to shop. They are some of the cheapest purses you can get – unless you go for the high-end designer ones. Below are some of the best ones where you can access that are still hot on the trend train and ALSO under $500:

Designer Tote Bags Under $500

Final Words

Tote purses are everywhere; you just need to search for them. They’re not a huge trend anymore; they’ve become THE trend. Larger to medium sizes are the new handbags, and every designer is cashing in on this new craze in fashion. Totes are popular because of their versatility. They work when you’re running errands, or you’re going to the gym, want stay organized or when you need to bring your laptop to sit at a coffee shop. Overall, this shoulder type of tote is an excellent option if you’re wondering what kind of bag to get next.

Sara Sargon is a self-proclaimed handbag connoisseur living in sunny California. She's a published journalism graduate with eight years of luxury fashion experience. Her work has contributed to Vogue, InStyle, Nylon, Marie Claire and more.

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