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The Goyard tote is a world-famous handbag for being the ideal luxury accessory and must-have for any luxury bag enthusiast. Goyard is a 200-year-old Parisian brand that is intentionally unknown. Its enigmatic nature is deliberate, and it is also what makes Goyard such a prestigious symbol.

The mystery surrounding the luxury brand fuels demand, and Goyard’s company is mostly based on word-of-mouth referrals from influential clientele and fashion collectors. Many celebrities, including Megan Markle, Gwyneth Paltrow, and the Kardashians, have been spotted wearing Goyard.

The Goyard Tote is undoubtedly the most well-known and iconic product, and in this post today, we look at the differences between all the Goyard tote bags in the market.

The Goyard Tote Bags Comparison Guide

Who doesn’t adore a good tote bag? And few brands can rival Goyard when it comes to designer totes. Goyard bags are famous among fashionistas and celebrities thanks to their luxury materials and flawless craftsmanship.

A Goyard bag is adaptable and fashionable. Goyard features several totes to satisfy your needs, and a bag may set you back between $1200 to $2500 or more. However, you can also buy a pre-owned Goyard product online from preloved sites.

However, with so many alternatives available, deciding which one is best for you may take time and effort. Here are a few Goyard tote bags you may like.

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The Goyard St. Louis Tote

goyard st louis tote bag

The Goyard Saint Louis tote is one of Goyard’s most popular handbags. Goyard concentrated on functionality with this bag. The St. Louis is noted for its simplicity, lightweight, and large size. The bag comes in these sizes PM (19x11x6 inches), GM (12x13x7 inches), and TPM (8x12x4 inches).

The bag comes in one classic color, black or black with trim. If you want to buy the bag in another color, like red, it’s considered a special color and will cost you more.

The prices for the ST. Louis Goyard totes range from $1285 to $2300 for the larger size or special colors. 

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Goyard St Louis PM

The Goyard St. Louis PM is a tote bag made of coated canvas with the iconic Goyardine pattern in a chevron-like design. 

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The Goyard Anjou Tote Bag

Goyard Goyardine Anjou Tote

The Anjou, like the Goyard St. Louis, is available in PM and GM and in a variety of colors. This tote is a great buy because you can reverse it, offering you two bags in one! With this bag, Goyard sought to emphasize durability. The leather interior and Goyardine fabric outside make this tote unbeatable for everyday use.

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Goyard Anjou Tote

The Goyard Anjou is a sophisticated and versatile tote bag made of Goyardine canvas with leather accents. This Goyard bag is completely reversible.

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The Goyard Artois Tote

Goyard Goyardine Artois Tote

The Artois tote, an alternative to St. Louis, stresses a boho-chic aesthetic with ingenious Goyard embellishments. Instead of an open-top similar to the Goyard ST. Louis, this tote has a zipper at the top. It is made of a thicker and sturdier structure, making it perfect for the professional woman.

This tote has overstretched leather edges and a wide center pocket while maintaining the St. Louis trademark lightweight feel.

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Goyard Artois PM

The Goyard Artois PM is a structured and spacious tote bag made of Goyard's signature coated canvas and a zippered top closure.

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The Goyard Goyardine Bellechasse Tote

Goyard Goyardine Bellechesse Tote

The Bellechasse tote comes in 11 different colors, with the choice of having a full calf leather tote or a full Goyardine canvas tote. The structural design of this tote distinguishes it from others, yet it still has a substantial capacity akin to the Saint Louis tote.

The Goyard Hardy Tote

goyard hardy tote

The Hardy Goyard tote is constructed of traditionally painted Goyard canvas and has leather trim around the tote for durability and to enhance its structure. Inside the top zipper of this bag is a detachable little pouch and a bottom liner to hold the bag’s distinctive form.

The Goyard Voltaire Tote

goyard voltaire tote

The outside of the Goyard Voltaire tote, like the others, bears the traditional Goyard monogram, but it also includes a leather detachable shoulder strap and short leather handles. Both stylish men and women adore this Goyard tote.

The Goyard Belharra Tote

goyard belharra tote

The Belharra Biarritz tote is named after a famed surf area off the coast of France in the Basque province, emphasizing the beach vibe that this Goyard exudes. The tote’s outside and inside are lined with Goyardine canvas, which provides waterproof protection and durability. It is both stylish and subtle, making it the ideal accessory for a tropical trip or a hot summer day.

The Goyard Rouette Tote

Goyard Rouette Tote

The Rouette features the Goyard goyardine canvas with the classic chevron print. It includes a base shaper which allows the tote to sit-up on its own. It features full leather trim around the bag and leather straps. If you enjoy a minimalist look, then this is the perfect tote for you and is ideal for daily use because it is durable. Even with its simple look, it still maintains the luxury and craftsmanship of the brand.

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Goyard St Louis PM

The Goyard St. Louis PM is a tote bag made of coated canvas with the iconic Goyardine pattern in a chevron-like design. 

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A Brief History of the Goyard Tote

Before the House of Goyard, there existed the House of Martin and Morel, which was established in 1792. The house was ahead of its time, specializing in box-making, trunks, and packing, and focused more on packaging delicate items and clothing. In 1845, the House of Martin and Morel hired François Goyard, a 17-year-old apprentice who would labor for 32 years until handing down to his son Edmond Goyard in 1885.

Edmond turned the now-iconic store on Rue Saint-Honoré into a high-end shopping destination. He had entire control over the production process by building state-of-the-art factories, assuring the highest degree of craftsmanship.

Signoles purchased the House of Goyard in 1998, sharing the same commitment to high-quality production and workmanship. Within ten years, the Goyard house was revived as it’s known for timeless elegance, exclusivity, and excellent craftsmanship.

All images on the post are courtesy of Goyard and Fashionphile.

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