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Pursepective: 7 Handbag Questions With Our Favorite IG Babes

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Wish shopping could be this easy 🥲
Dreamy 💚💚 ✨📷: @virginia_konopka
Come shopping with me at the Loewe outlet store in Cabazon, California! ✨

I have been obsessing over Loewe recently and have really come to love this brand. 

There were quite a few handbags here that were very old season and a couple that resembled the popular puzzle bag- like the orange puzzle hobo bag which retails for 2500 and was listed here for 1750.
Lunch anyone? ✨📷: @rareglobal
Obsessing over the Goyard muse vanity case ✨📷: @georgia.mayyy
Sparkly in Amsterdam ✨📷: @leoniehanne
The lady of all ladies ✨📷: @bagsionista
Back to neutral season ✨📷: @kelseymerritt
A real gem ✨📷: @treasuresofnyc
Do you like the GO-14 bag by Louis Vuitton? Is this the new ‘IT’ bag by the brand?… p.s. You cannot buy this online. Thoughts? ✨